Sentry 3.0 Overview

Away from your desk? Let Sentry stand guard. Sentry "locks down" your computer on demand, so it stays secure when you aren't using it.  No other programs can be opened. No emails can be snooped. Nobody will be touching your files.

Sentry handles: Desktop lock-down. Lock-down customization. Network management. Network-wide logon control system.





What can it do?

Unite your client desktop and web platforms
Sentry provides total-screen control.

Manage an entire network of computers
Sentry Manager can control every PC on your LAN. 

Display a welcome page for public terminals
Provide instructions and help information before users get to the desktop.

Secure your screen from prying eyes
Lock your PC in a variety of ways.

Increase brand exposure
Instead of displaying a standard Windows lock screen, place your corporate brand front and center.

Bring security with you on a USB drive
Lock down a computer you are visiting.

Use USB drive as a key to lock/unlock


Feature List

Lock on Windows Startup
Lock PC on idle
Lock PC on hotkey
Lock or unlock by USB drive insertion
Lock or Unlock PC remotely
Suspend network/Internet access while locked
Run screensavers within Sentry
Multi-computer deployment
Manage all Sentry installations on network with Sentry Manager
Log events related to security, power changes, etc
Report security events to Manager
Remote lock/unlock
Remote restart, suspend, standby, hibernate and shutdown
Remote wake-on-LAN
Prevent CD/USB autoplay while locked
Multi-user access
Customize user permissions
Display an away message on Lock
Fully-customizable lock screen
Lock screen integration with web services
Take messages from passers-by
Remote control from mobile device
See all idle users on local network
View Sentry logs remoetly
Leave message remotely`
Automatic full network deploy/update
View vital computer information in layout
Plugin Integration into layout
Javascript, Java, Flash support
Weather map integration

Diagram: Web technologies: HTML CSS Javascript Flash PHP Perl Database RSS Group policy, Windows API, Network ResourcesInc

Away Messages

Sentry can tell people why you are gone or where you went.  With this feature turned on, Sentry will prompt you for an away message each time the computer is locked down.  You can enter up to 10 pre-defined away messages to use.

When Sentry starts because your computer has been idle, Sentry will recognize this and not prompt you for a message (because you're probably already gone!)



Message Center

If someone walks by your workstation while Sentry is running, they can leave a private message for you to read when you return. The message will show up in Sentry's message panel, and after Sentry ends you can browse any messages left for you. Again, Sentry lets you customize the message behavior with colors, fonts, styles, and more.

Version 2.3 interface shown




Have complete control over the colors and fonts within Sentry. Give it your own look!

HTML Based Customization

You can brand your Sentry Screen with graphics like a company logo, a RSS feed, a Java applet, or interactive web languages. 


Included Layouts

Eau Claire Weather --- customized with WeatherUnderground NEXRAD radar and moonrise/runrise info

Stocks --- customized with critical charts on the S&P, Dow, and VIX

Matrix --- Javascript matrix display

Art Show --- example of photo art gallery

Grapher --- example of plugin system (displays graph of system memory and cpu usage)

SysInfo --- display vital information on the computer




You can run your existing screensavers within Sentry, either immediately, or after a delay.

On first run, Sentry detects all installed screensavers. From there, you can configure them from the ScreenSavers tab in Options.

Session summary

Sentry provides you with a list of messages left for you, a list of failed break-in attempts, and the total session time that Sentry has been protecting your system.
You can view this information with or without unlocking Sentry. Additionally, Sentry can be also log this information to a text file.

(coming soon)



Sentry Manager

Sentry Manager can be used to manage a network of PCs running Sentry.  It runs on your administrator computer, and queries other Sentry instances on the network, reporting back:


Remote IP address, computer name, current Windows user, current Idle time, system uptime, Sentry version, current layout, and other vital info.


It queries and issues remote commands:








Bring Sentry with you to work or your local computer lab. The program easily copies to a portable media like a USB flash drive.

  After inserting the media, Sentry can run automatically lock down the hosting computer, depending on local security policies.

Dialog after inserting USB Flash Drive with Sentry2Go




This has been a partial tour of Sentry 3.0 for more info see the help contents or download Sentry and try it for yourself.