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Trial Period & Warranty

All of our commercial software is offered as a trial version, in the shareware model.
You can download and try the software free of charge, until the trial period (usually 30 days) elapses.

After the trial is over, if no license is purchased, the software deactivates and becomes unable to use (or has restrictions on use) until a license key is activated.
Tampering with the software or using piracy to obtain the software is prohibited under the EULA, please don't do it!


Placing Your Order

We support Google Checkout and PayPal as payment gateways. You do not need an account to pay. We accept credit cards and e-checks. We will never see your credit card information, but those companies will.

We do not currently process credit card details directly. In the future, we will be supporting payments from SquareUp.
All delivery is handled via email. Once you order, you should receive 2 confirmation emails, one will include your license and product registration key.
If you do not get your license key within 45 minutes of ordering, please check your spam folder. If you still don't have a key, please contact us by email or phone.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If we are unable to support our software on your installation of Windows, we will refund 100% of your money within 30 days of your purchase.
We will gladly work with you to correct any bugs, or add features to maximize your enjoyment of the product.



Our software is distributed as self-extracting, digitally-signed EXE setup files. An uninstaller is also included.  We post the MD5 information of our executables on their download pages.
When placing an order, your information is secured by HTTPS encryption. License keys are delivered by email.


Product Support

We are always here to help. If you have an issue, please submit a support ticket or contact us directly by phone or email.
Support is available whether you are using a trial version or registered/purchased version. Registered users get priority support.


Upgrade Policy

Your license is good for free updates through the next major version. IE, if you purchased X-NetStat 5.59, you get free upgrades until 5.9.

For Warden, that is 1.9
For X-NetStat, that is 5.9
For Sentry, that is 3.9
For Bookblocker, that is 1.9

When a major software version is released, we usually offer a discounted upgrade path for registered users.


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Common Questions from Resellers/Distributers

please send EULA

Is that software available via download only?

AlsoWould you please provide me with terms of purchase?

Do you accept bank wire transfer or credit card?

What is the term of payment: payment in advance or 30 days net?

What is the purchase price?

Do you offer any reseller discount?

What is your suggested retail price?

If you are expecting price increase, please indicate it.
Please confirm until what date your quote is valid.
Otherwise we specify it is valid for 30 days by default.

Also Is the retail price strictly recommended or we can charge our client  whatever we like?
So may we decrease\increase the price for our client?
May we resell your software to our partners? Please specify.

Thank you in advance and hope for your soon reply.