Coding Service - 22 years of programming experience.

The founder of Fresh Software wrote his first program at age 8, and since then has had over 14 years of programming experience:

1990 - 1994:  QBASIC & QuickBasic, and VB-DOS (Visual Basic for DOS)
1996 - 1998:  Visual Basic 4.0 for Windows
1998 - 2004:  Borland Delphi 3.0 - 6.0 , Borland Beta Tester
2003 - 2004: MIPS / Assembler
2004 - 2012: Visual Basic.NET, Java, Delphi, C#, and PHP


Experience with:

  • Common Controls
  • Sockets
  • Servers
  • Windows API
  • Encryption
  • Web Applications / HTTP
  • Email SMTP/POP3
  • File I/O
  • Windows Registry
  • File Search & Analysis
  • Threading
  • Installations

Fresh Software has contacts with other software developers to rapidly find solutions to code problems.  Currently the main programmer is Drew Niese, who is a Management Information Systems major and a Computer Science minor at UW Eau Claire.

Development Tools:

Delphi (Object Oriented Pascal): Currently our development tool of choice, Delphi allows us to write powerful Windows programs in minimal time. Delphi is used to write all kinds of applications, simple to elaborate.

Visual Basic (Object Oriented BASIC): Fresh Software used to program in this interpretation of the BASIC programming language, but has since moved on to Delphi, a more advanced platform.

QuickBasic (compiled BASIC): QuickBasic is a more professional version of the "QBASIC" utility that shipped with MS-DOS. QuickBasic has enough power to handle system registers and devices, and is great for making DOS based console applications. Applications are as small as 22kb in size.

Turbo Pascal (compiled Pascal): More low level than QuickBasic, Turbo Pascal can compile applications that run faster and take miniscule amounts of disk space (3 kb or more)

VB-DOS (Visual BASIC for DOS platforms): VisualBasic for MS-DOS is a very little known, very unique development platform. It can create applications, around 100 KB in size, that behave exactly like Windows applications. If you need your application made for DOS, consider choosing VB-DOS to develop it, and give your users a familiar graphical user interface.

DOS Batch files: Quick and easy way to copy, delete, rename, execute and move files, among other functions, and great for making crude and bare-bone installations for DOS.

Still using MS-DOS? Fresh Software can make a develop a modern, visual application for this retro operating system. 
We value:    Speed    Reliability    Simplicity

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