Warden: Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to run Warden?

You need Apache Web Server.  If the web resource you want to protect is a remote computer, you will need an FTP account.

Where do I get technical support?

First, check out the Warden Help File.  If you still need help, go to the Warden Feedback page, or Contact Us.

Can Warden use SFTP?

Currently, SFTP is not supported.  However, there is a workaround. You can click "Export files to Folder" under Step 4 to save the htaccess and htpasswd files to your hard drive, and them upload them to your server using an SFTP client such as WinSCP.

I cannot get Warden to work on my web server. It seems to connect fine, but the password protection is not working.

First, please make sure that your web server is running Apache.  Click the Tools menu and choose Get Information on web server.  Enter in the URL to your website, click OK, and make sure that the information returned contains the word Apache.

On the Path Finder wizard, the results of the Perl/PHP tests are not returning any useful information.

Please use the Get Information on web server tool to verify that you have Perl and/or PHP extensions installed on your web server.  Look for the words Perl and/or PHP in the returned information.

Is there any way of export a Warden project to a text file or other format that then can be imported?

Exporting to CSV is currently supported, and an Import from CSV feature is planned for version 1.45.

I'm trying to open a project file, but get: Access violation at address 00516BE0 in module "warden.exe". Read of address 00000000.

This bug was resolved as of version 1.32.  If you still get an Access violation error, please email us the exact contents of the message, the conditions that generated the error (what you were doing and what you did prior to the error), and the version of Warden that you are using.

I am trying to find a single access point solution that clients complete ID and password and it directs them to their respective employee benefit portal/file. Right now I have to list clients on client login page and they click to gain access with unique ID and password. I want to eliminate listing them like this on my website.

Currently, Warden does not do this.

It would be nice that you could add different directories protection per user. Kind of relationship between users and several directories. Is this possible?

Warden's project files are currently focused on one directory at a time.  What you can do is save the project with a new name, and change the directory information in the new project file.