X-NetStat 5.1 : Awards, Reviews, Quotes
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X-NetStat has received recognition from a variety of sources:


Editor's Choice

Connected Home Magazine X-NetStat was featured in the January 2002 edition of Connected Home magazine.  David Chernicoff reviewed the program.

"If keeping track of your computer's connection information is important to you, X-NetStat offers inexpensive peace of mind."

WINfiles.com Get It! Award Winfiles.com Get It! Rating  
TopFile.com Best rating The highest award from TopFile.com (no longer working)
GlobalShareware 4 Disks  5.0 REVIEWED, SUBMIT 5.1 AFTER THEY FIX SITE

SoftLandIndia.com SoftLandIndia (now SoftLandMark) gave X-NetStat Professional 5 out of 5 stars and an Editors Pick award.
"Hot Pick"
(our h"ot picks) but no 5 stars for PRO

stan not listed
Planet Quebec "Its interface is intuitive, the software is easy to install, simple to use and it on line help (in English) well done." *
WebAttack Editors pick
"popular" C|NET Download.com
j.ello software pick j.ello review "If, while you're surfing the Internet, you want to be sure that no one is surfing YOU, then this little gadget will help you.

5 out of 5 stars 5star-shareware.com

ZDnet Hotfiles: 5 out of 5 stars ZDnet Hotfiles
"Very flexible and easy to use"

"Excellent product!!"
    -- Willem Basten

"I love this tool!"
    -- Ernesto Ibañez Estens
"I'm a computer engineer, and by using X-NetStat 5 for the 16 days I’ve managed to solve many problems"
    -- Ian Heller

"I wish give you my best congratulations for your software, that today morning let me to identify and remove a worm that take all the band of my LAN"
    -- Federico Gazzurelli

"I do so like your 'style' the interface seems to have gotten 'cleaner', easier, more intuitive."
    -- Mark Webb

"Thanks Drew, Ive checked out version 5 and it all good, Ill be recommending it to my relevant clients."
    -- Dean Carsen

"Your XNS utility has already paid for itself.  Using it, I was able to prove to our LAN managers that recent changes made to our firewall and FTP setup had messed up my world. "
    --John Graham

"Hell, I'll buy it now. I LOVE IT!!!!"
    --Mike H

"My feeling about X-NetStat : Good job, its great : the graphic interface, the ViewBar, the tools..."
    --Patrick Dalmau

"We finally have found a nice program that locks idiots and cheaters out of the servers.. The program is called X-NetStat."

"Thanks! This notice is very helpful and shows you care about your customers on both sides of the transaction. Well done!
Best wishes..."
    --Mike McKinley

"I would like to take a minute to thank you from developing such a good program. This program is great for the online gaming community."
    --Keith Conrad

"You are absolutely a joy to work with and I recommend this program to everyone I know. It's a great program and serves me well. (once I got the hang of it) Keep up the good work and stay on a personal, available level with your customers and you'll be rich or at least famous soon. I use X-Netstat all the time. (It's my security blanket)"
    -- Lacey R

"I'm using the free trial for a little over a week now and really love the application. I'll be purchasing a copy soon... before the expiry runs out. Wow... nice job.  I love your tool and will buy it."
    --Walter Benton

Additional quotes and comments from web pages and users of X-NetStat (Older material)

"X-NetStat is a very advanced, graphical remake of the old dos program Netstat. It displays the systems current connections with all info with it. Some features are DNS-caching and automatic refreshing of the connections. Fast, useful, good." -Sargeth the Mad Mage

"You seek at the same time a complete program, version lockdown, but with additional options, like a DNS, a finger or NETBIOS, etc... history to know some of advantage on that which seeks faults to you?!?! And well x-netstat is made for us!!! I even think that I will adopt it... I can guarantee that it is of the fire this thing there!!! " Anthanos 2002 *

"If you hate working from the command line, you may want to investigate X-NetStat Professional from Fresh Software. This terrific utility runs from a GUI and provides you with the same information provided by the NETSTAT utility and more." - Greg Shultz,  TechProGuild

"This excellent program will enable you to see all the connection of your computer  (ports, protocol, addresses IP, connect time...) with a very beautiful graphical interface."  - NoHacks *

"A handy little utility" - Uranian Nights

"X-NetStat Professional is must try for power users, it is one of the most complete packages of this kind." SoftDeko

"Thank you for providing a good service to the net. :)" - j.ello webmaster

"Thanks man! Exactly the program I've been looking for." -whyz

"Great program! It works great for my web server so I can see where people are from." -John Abercrombie

"Nice job" -Chris, Rhino9 security

"I was really happy when I found your app - i've been looking for a good netstat for windows for a while. Good job. :)" -Bill Kerney

"X-NetStat is one of the most critical programs that Microsoft should have included in their Windows 95/98 distros. Don't surf the 'Net without it." - Ken Williams , founder of Packet Storm Security

* Translated from other language using Altavista Babelfish.