BusJack - Hijack the NetBus trojan horse.

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Note from Fresh Software (10/19/02)

Following in the footsteps of AntiGen, Fresh Software created BusJack to combat the threat from a new trojan horse, Netbus. It automatically cleans all known versions of the trojan. 

BusJack is no longer supported by Fresh Software, but it is free to download and use.  Plans are currently being made to release the source code.



NetBus is a trojan horse program that, once loaded on your computer, can allow pretty much anyone on the internet access many aspects of your system. The best way to avoid getting a trojan is to NOT run a program when you don't know what it does. In other words, be paranoid. It could save you a pain in the butt some day.

For those of you who biffed, and mindlessly ran that program that Joe Shmoe sent you over ICQ, there's hope. Enter BusJack, the easiest way to remove the NetBus trojan from your computer.

Note that BusJack does not clean your computer from other trojans, viruses, spilled coffee, or Satan himself. It will clean NetBus, and will do a damn good job doing it. For those of you who want a 24/7 background protection, we suggest you go to http://www.nai.com and get McAfee VirusScan. It can offer you protection while surfing the web, checking your email, downloading, or going through files on your computer.

We hope that this program brings you peace of mind.
Take care, and be careful out there.

-Andrew Niese & Fresh Software


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BusJack 1.1

Full Install (busjack11.exe)

Download Size: 290 KB
Min. Install Size: 200 KB

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