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Sentry is a secure desktop environment that password protects your desktop in style. It expands on the basic Windows "lock" function by offering complete screen layout control.

Sentry 3.03 Out [ 11/17/2014 ]

Version 3.03 is out. Download here. Changelog:

Fixed desktop launching on wrong monitor (Windows 8)
Fixed "partial close" on IE10 and above (partially fixed. Hit F5 if this happens or Alt-F4)
 - changed to localhost in layout files.
Manager: Calendar resizes properly
Manager: Caledar disables until request processed
Manager: Fixed a Sentry response to getlog (servicingLogRequest)
Manager: Link label now opens /sm in browser
Manager: Users: all but "Push to computer" work (as of v0.50)


Sentry News [ 2/13/2013 ]

The Sentry FAQ was updated. I'm giving away free 5-computer licenses ($100 value) to the first 20 people who email me (contact page). Put "Sentry giveaway" in the subject.


Sentry 3.02 Beta 2 [ 1/5/2013 ]

Sentry 3.02 fixes bugs and adds new features.  Download (digitally signed).

This beta has been tested on XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

What's New:

+ Added localhost connectivity check. must be open.
+ Layout no longer crashes if screensavers.dat is empty or corrupted
+ Clicking help in Mini-browser now brings up help authentication, help navigation bar
+ FIXED: Exiting Help from Help "Exit" HTML doesn't close Help navigation bar
+ Added CPU bar, RAM bar, Battery bar on SysInfo panel
+ Every computer's CPU and RAM usage now shown in Sentry Manager
+ Verified support for Java 7 update 10 (ISS Java example layout)
+ Double-clicking "username" or hitting ALT-A in the unlock screen now auto-fills the "administrator" account
+ Mouse hook is on by default again.
+ FIXED: It takes 3 right clicks to bring up Sentry menu, not 2.
+ Added "Screensaver Mode" under Advanced Options to exit the app with mouse movement
+ Battery bar is colored based on remaining battery life
+ System Tray balloon tips are now suppressed when locked down
+ RAM usage tooltip on sys info panel
+ Fixed "bytes in a megabyte" constant from 1000000 to 1048576
+ Improved sentry unlock feature, now lasts 5 minutes, and the console updates on unlock/autolock

Sentry Manager:

+ Sentry Manager help menu now works.
+ Sentry Manager URL is now works as either /manager or /sm (to match documentation)
+ Sentry Manager URL now correct in Options page of Sentry Manager.
+ UDP timeout now 1000 instead of 2000ms by default
+ Password field now focused by default
+ Changed title text of unlock window form

3.02 Known Issues

Known issues: If you run a Java applet, such as the International Space Station layout, and are on Java 7 Update 11 or higher, you may experience an issue. If you see a "Security Warning" dialog, and ignore it or hit Cancel, Sentry may not operate correctly on the next run. To avoid this issue, check the box "Do not show this again for this app" and choose Run. This can be fixed by lowering your Java security settings.

 If the layout becomes unresponsive, you can hit the Windows key or use a triple right-click to pull up the Sentry menu, and exit the app.



Sentry 3.01 Out [ 11/23/2012 ]

Sentry 3.01 fixes a crash bug by adding a local connectivity check. Download (digitally signed). MD5 Hash: b8bb77e0f04f2799bc1d31a52a018597

What's New:

+ Added localhost connectivity check
+ Sentry Manager help menu now works
+ Layout no longer crashes if screensavers.dat is empty or corrupted
+ Sentry Manager URL is now either /manager or /sm (to match documentation)
+ Sentrymanager URL now correct in Options page of Sentry Manager


3.01 in the works [ 8/16/2012 ]

Version 3.01 will be released shortly
. Stay tuned...


Sentry 3.0 Released [ 3/21/2012 ]

We're pleased to announce the 3.0 release of Sentry.
Thanks to all of the beta testers out there over the last several years for contributing valuable feedback.

Download Sentry 3.0



Sentry 3.0 RC9 Out Now [ 3/13/2012 ]

Here's the latest stable build of Sentry, digitally signed.  Download

What's New:

+ Fixed installer not including credits.txt and license.txt
+ Improved Auto-Update progress bar, change log, installer launch
+ Fixed problem with setting master password
+ Fixed crash when screensavers.dat is deleted
+ Fixed multi-user mode not using 'administrator' as default in single user layout
+ Sentry now gets focus when exiting from running screensaver
+ Decreased disk access in Sentry main timer (ScanForLayoutFileChanges-> false by default)
+ Screensaver launch now uses AppIdleTime instead of SysIdleTime
+ Fixed USB detection code throwing debug information
+ Increased width of Options Help
+ Uninstaller now removes SentryManager.exe with reboot option, if running
+ Uninstaller now deletes SStart.exe
+ Fixed Sentry button icon changing
+ SentryCopy.exe is no longer compressed (was triggering WebRoot anti-virus)
+ Fixed A HREF in Eau Claire Radar layout
+ Hid unnecessary debug information


Sentry 3.0 RC8 Out Now [ 2/23/2012 ]

Here's the latest stable build of Sentry, digitally signed. We really don't expect RC9....  Download

What's New:

+ Fixed notorious bug of not receiving keyboard focus upon idle launch and remote launch
+ Fixed weather maps
+ Fixed option dialog not showing
+ Removed all known memory leaks
+ Improved About page
+ Fixed F1 help button
+ Slightly improved UI of SentryManager
+ Updated Sentry menu code, fixed range check error
+ Full version number now displayed in about boxes, and sentry manager
+ Idle launch delay setting no longer allowed to be negative

+ Improved server HTML output to WWW standards
+ Fixed column drawing, rearranged columns, correctly formatted data
+ Fixed tab switch problem from context menu
+ Fixed Change and Lock Now button screwing up layouts.
+ Implented Change Layout button
+ Added Halt sentry button (for emergencies)
+ Layouts dropdown now populated with current layout
+ Implemented remote message. (* Does not handle email, pops balloon hint when not locked.)
+ Implemented Edit User list (* Is not fully working.)
+ Caledar now adjusts width to Vista and Windows 7
+ Manager HTML templates are now installed
+ Improved Manager refreshing and computer selection
+ Auto refresh value interval is now properly loaded


Sentry 3.0 RC8 and Final Release [ 2/21/2012 ]
After an extensive testing period, we are ready to unleash Sentry 3 to the world. Look for RC8 this week, and the final release no later than 3/14/2012.


Sentry 3 Documentation Online [ 11/28/2011 ]
Now online: 


Sentry 3.0 Release Candidate 6 Released! [ 11/27/2011 ]
Download Sentry 3.0 RC6