AntiGen - The Original BackOrifice trojan cleaner

AntiGen is no longer a supported product from Fresh Software.  

AntiGen was Fresh Software's first program. It was designed to detect and eliminate the Back Orifice trojan horse from your computer.

The last version of AntiGen released was AntiGen 2000, which eliminates Back Orifice 1.0 and Back Orifice 2000 on Windows 95/98 machines. It does not work on Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. There are no plans to release new versions at this time.

AntiGen was the first BackOrifice trojan cleaner out there, and it did its job well. I feel that since AntiGen's release, other Anti BackOrifice tools have evolved into solutions good enough that I did not have to continue evolving AntiGen. I wrote AntiGen because I didn't want to have a minute go by that users were powerless to clean their systems from this trojan horse, like I did. Again, now that it has become a common practice for commercial AntiVirus packages to include fixes for trojan horses, AntiGen will no longer be updated. 

For the best commercial Virus and Trojan horse solution, Fresh Software recommends you download and install McAfee VirusScan from Network Associates.

It's somewhat sad to let go of AntiGen, it was the first program that brought Fresh Software into the light of the media and users worldwide. It's been real guys, thanks for your support.



What AntiGen Does

AntiGen will detect, clean, and destroy the Back Orifice trojan horse from your computer, automatically. It uses a wizard interface and does the work for you.

AntiGen is a public service from Fresh Software to anyone who is concerned about the Back Orifice trojan horse.



Back Orifice?

What exactly is Back Orifice anyway? Here is a good explanation from Zack Schwenk:

Back Orifice is Windows 95 and Windows 98 trojan programmed by: "The Cult of the Dead Cow". It consists of two parts. The Server, and the GUI.

The Server is the actual trojan which will infect the computer. The Server can be installed on the victims computer fairly easily. This can be done by the user downloading a program from a source that he does not know or trust, Or being tricked into downloading, and installing it.

The GUI is a very elaborate remote control of sorts. It controls the computer infected with the Server. The user if the GUI can control the infected computers Registry, Internet Connections, files and folders, and much more. Basically everything a person sitting at the computer terminal can do, the remote user with the GUI can do.

Why is Back Orifice dangerous? Back Orifice always a remote user to have the same access to a computer system as the person sitting directly in front of the terminal. By using this trojan data can be easily take to and from an infected computer system. Data can be changed.

Any passwords that are on the system, whether they are "held" by Windows, or they are in a file can be viewed and saved. All of this can be done remotely and without the infected knowing anything is wrong. Back Orifice is indeed one of the most dangerous trojans out on the Internet at this present time.




AntiGen 2000

Full Install (antigen2.exe)

Download Size: 172 KB
Min. Install Size: 172 KB Canada