Port Magic - Detect Port Scans and catch the perpetrators

Port Magic 1.0

Port Magic is a port scan detector.  Hackers use port
scans to probe your system to see what services are running.

Port Magic allows you to :

  1. Persistantly monitor to detect these probes
  2. Track the address of the perpetrator & time of probe
  3. Confuse the prober with "fake" ports

Port Magic was written in Fresh Software's early days and may be revived soon.

Ever get "nuked" or "flooded"? Prevent it! Port Magic will monitor ports on your computer that you specify to watch for threatening activity, including portscans. When such activity occurs, you are notified of the exact time when it happened, and the IP and hostname of who tried to compromise your system.

PM can launch a firewall automatically when a portscan is detected or by the click of a button, and can have a WAV file play when a portscan is detected. PM works in the background, hidden until you hit a hotkey.

Although specifically written to prevent ICQ flooding, PM can work to prevent all non-ICMP attacks.

Download Port Magic

Port Magic 1.0

Full Install (pm100.exe)

Download Size: 412 KB
Min. Install Size: 402 KB

freshsoftware.com Chesterbrook, PA


Port Magic is free to download and use, but if you found it useful you are encouraged to donate a few dollars to Fresh Software.

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