X-NetStat Awards, Reviews, and Quotes

X-NetStat has won several awards and praise from many people.

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Cisco, DirecWay, AT&T, JPMorgan Chase, GigaBeam, EMC, US Government (FBI, DHS, NASA, Navy, Argonne National Laoratory, National Gallery of Art, US Fish and Wildlife Service), UK Government (HomeOffice, Government Secure Intranet, Health & Safety Laboratory),  ECTechnology, BackBone Access, Data Papers, BankOne, Stanford University, University of Toronto,  Radium, Abbott Laboratories, ChildFind Manitoba...

C|NET Editor's review: "Outstanding"


X-NetStat Pro won the esteemed Tucows 5 cow rating!


TopShareware.com 5 star rating

Soft32.com 5 stars

Sofotex 5 star rating

SoftAward.com 5 stars

Download2you.com 5 stars



OneKit.com 5 stars


ShareUp.com 5 star rating

SoftPicks.net 5 stars

"We have checked your software twice and it is great! It really is a valued contribution that I and the rest of my team sincerely appreciate."

BrotherSoft.com 5 shields

FileTransit.com 5 stars

SnapFiles 4/5 stars


FileTrial Editor's Pick

BlueChilies 5 stars

GeekFiles - 4.5 stars

3W Download 5 Stars


SoftEmpire - Software Prince Award

FileCart - 4.5 Stars

FileLight - Top Rated App

IT Shareware - 5 Stars

Download Junction - 5 Stars

Maxx Download - 4 Stars

5/5 @ SoftwareAwards.net

Soft20.com - 5 stars


5/5 @ SoftwareAwards.net

SoftwareAwards.net - 5 stars


Programa Recomendado en UpToDown.com

Download3000 - 5 Stars

AcidFiles.com - 5 Stars

daolnwod.com - 5 Stars

PopSoftLib - 5 Stars


4 Stars - Free Trial Downloads


Recent Feedback

"I underpaid for X-NetStat, although I paid full price, because >>your after-sale service has proven outstanding." -- Jim Griffin, OneHouse LLC

Feedback from the 5.2 Beta Test

"I've never really found the "Beta" in this beta test. It runs better than most finished programs do, keep up the good work."

    - Bob Kessler
  "X-NetStat really is a cool prog, and a great tool. Thanks for letting me in to the beta group and for all your hard work!"

    - Beth Wise, PC Technician

"Process Info is a great feature and I like the Google link too :)"

    - Brangwyn Reardon, IT Consultant

"I really like X-NetStat because it gives a better, faster heads up of the connections coming in and going out. In some instances, X-NetStat has clued me in on viral activity that virus scanners were not picking up on."

    - Jody B, Quality Control Manager

"I have found that the most recent release of X-NetStat Pro to be of invaluable use in performing these tasks. I really wish that I had a little more time to fully evaluate the intricacies this software, as it has proved to be to be extremely valuable. It is great for verifying connected IPs and ports and analyzing I believe the entire program to be fantastic. With every release it just keeps getting better and better. As a whole, it's great and I will continue to make use of all its feature for a long time to come (unless you end up selling it out to someone like McAfee at which time I will go back to using 10 to 15 other programs to accomplish the same thing that I am now able to do with just yours. You have produced what I consider to be a master piece. Except for a very few minor glitches (which I don't think was a result of your work, but rather glitches in Windows XP) the software has performed fantastic. "

    - Joe Fred, Systems' Analyst

"You have a great program, I tell all my friends about it....Thanks Drew for making another great security program. I still have alot to learn, while
X-NetStat gives me a source of comfort knowing it is always watching out for my security. I just want to be sure You know what a heavy burden you help lift off me knowing I have some control over who connects to my computer."

    - Leslie A, Artist

"It is a very essential utility for me"

    - Panos Vurgutzis, Financier

Feedback from the 5.0 Beta Test

"I use X-NetStat on this PC to monitor all connections at all times...this is the best monitoring program there is. If I see a connection that's not supposed to be there I can kill it I like that. I also sometimes run a chat server and this program is a must when I run the chat server."

    -Tim , Web Designer

"It is an awesome tool for seeing at any instant exactly what is happening at a low level on any machine. Great Product."

    -Mark Webb, Network Admin

"I like XNS, I see it having a bright future, this is a continually growing set of network tools that that assists Network administrators and Power users"

    - Jeff Smith

"It is a collectively interesting combination of tools for LAN diagnostic purposes. Keep up the great work!"

    - Emmanuel Lemor, Solutions by Design

"Stellar product. Keep up the good work."

    - Chris Carter, Programmer & Network Admin

"I use it to verify connections and ports they use. Very helpful with our firewall"..

    - Cary Fields, Network Analyst

"X-NetStat is great, I love the continued improvements to the product. I find that all the features are very good, and well rounded for my use. Great support and service!!"

    - Carol Miller, Systems Administrator, EDP Consultants

"It really is pretty damned good. Drew, I will be recommending people purchase your software."

    - Brad Bailey, Network Engineer/Contractor

For more feedback, check out comments from X-NetStat.