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X-NetStat is an extremely versatile network monitoring tool for Windows.
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Warden is a web account manager that can easily password protect your webpages.
Version 1.44:
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Sentry is a secure desktop environment that password protects your screen in style.
Version 3.02: Download  Buy  Tour  Support
BookBlocker is an easy to use URL blocker to control browsing at work or home.
Version 1.0: Download  Buy  Tour  Support
NorthVine is a web-app manager for group text messages.
Alpha 1.34: About  Launch App

Sentry 3.03 Out [ 11/17/2014 ]

Version 3.03 is out. Download here. Changelog:

Fixed desktop launching on wrong monitor (Windows 8)
Fixed "partial close" on IE10 and above (partially fixed. Hit F5 if this happens or Alt-F4)
 - changed to localhost in layout files.
Manager: Calendar resizes properly
Manager: Caledar disables until request processed
Manager: Fixed a Sentry response to getlog (servicingLogRequest)
Manager: Link label now opens /sm in browser
Manager: Users: all but "Push to computer" work (as of v0.50)

Fresh Update [8/14/14]

X-NetStat 5.61 final build is out, and it's basically the same as 5.61 Beta 1. If you are using 5.61 Beta 1 there is no pressing need to upgrade.

We have been working on Sentry 3.03 which addresses minor bugs, mainly multi-monitor support on Windows 8. Look for a release in the next 2 weeks.

NorthVine is starting to be revealed. We'll have more later!


Secret beta test  [2/28/14]

We have been busy making a new app --- it's a contact management and text-message service that runs on Android, iOS, Windows, and Chrome.

If group texting interests you, contact us to become a beta tester here:

Act soon, round 2 beta testing starts April 1st... and that's no joke!


X-NetStat 5.61 Beta 1  [8/31/2013]

Major beta release. Download. If you find a bug, you can report it to Mantis.
Update 2/28/14: This beta is very stable and all users are encouraged to upgrade.

+ Added HTTP Client (Tools Menu)
+ System Info revamp (See below)
+ Added Google search for MD5 hash (Connection Info Panel) [x]
+ FIXED: Small UI bug when right-clicking connection table with nothing selected
+ Removed 'Total' from # of connections in status bar (better use of space) [x]
+ Rewrote "Check For Updates" new version notification for 1-click updates. [x]
+ "Translate bytes into KB" option now also translates into MB and GB [ ]
MB shown after 100,000,000 kbytes
GB shown after 100,000,000 GBytes
+ Added Facebook button to toolbar [x]
+ MISC: Packet-Counter now assigned earlier on WinPcap Sniffer (data available sooner) [x]
+ NOTE: warning: readport.getport creates an exception on 'port not found', the exception may not be freed. [ ]
+ Search Log Files for Connection [x]
(Right-click on a connection to see if the remote IP was previously recorded)
Uses DOS search
+ Fixed: Log Viewer "reload on timer does not take effect until reopening log viewer" [x]
+ Rewrote Nobrackets function to handle double-brackets [x] (needs performance evaluation)
+ Wrote Nobrackets2 using different methods to compare performance [x]
+ GetTcpConnectionsEx: on state change, xns attempted to write process EXE to log file before it was assigned. [ ]
+ Changed text and UI
+ Added new condition: Cumulative traffic [x] 
Cumulative Upstream Traffic, Cumulative Downstream Traffic
+ Open URL: can now pass in %ip% to pass remote IP of connection that triggered rule) [x]
+ Added "Get URL" option to GET the URL without opening a browser window. (Uses %ip%) [x]
BETA: Experimental stages
Not recommended for rules that may get called frequently
Queue system still needs tweaking
After a GetURL action is fired, the rule becomes ignored for the session.
TODO: Make the ignoring optional (beta 2)
+ Added GUI for http GET rule action (HTTP Client) [x]
+ Context Menu: Added 'Make new rule: (process)' in addition to (hostname) [x]
+ Changed scroll amount from 1 to 10 on "connection age" condition dial [x]
+ FIXED: Add Rule address filter enabled even when default option is "any" remote address (not done) [x]
System Info Revamp
+ New UI
+ Load network connections
+ Load current connection
+ New code to better detect active NIC
+ Gateway detection


Today Only: X-NetStat 60% off on BitsDuJour  [7/1/13]

Get a X-NetStat 5.6 license for only $19.95 here:

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Sentry 3.02 [ 1/5/2013 ]

Sentry 3.02 fixes bugs and adds new features.  Download (digitally signed).

What's New:

+ Added localhost connectivity check. MUST be open.
+ Layout no longer crashes if screensavers.dat is empty or corrupted
+ Clicking help in Mini-browser now brings up help authentication, help navigation bar
+ FIXED: Exiting Help from Help "Exit" HTML doesn't close Help navigation bar
+ Added CPU bar, RAM bar, Battery bar on SysInfo panel
+ Every computer's CPU and RAM usage now shown in Sentry Manager
+ Verified support for Java 7 update 10 (ISS Java example layout)
+ Double-clicking "username" or hitting ALT-A in the unlock screen now auto-fills the "administrator" account
+ Mouse hook is on by default again.
+ FIXED: It takes 3 right clicks to bring up Sentry menu, not 2.
+ Added "Screensaver Mode" under Advanced Options to exit the app with mouse movement
+ Battery bar is colored based on remaining battery life
+ System Tray balloon tips are now suppressed when locked down
+ RAM usage tooltip on sys info panel
+ Fixed "bytes in a megabyte" constant from 1000000 to 1048576
+ Improved sentry unlock feature, now lasts 5 minutes, and the console updates on unlock/autolock

Sentry Manager:

+ Sentry Manager help menu now works.
+ Sentry Manager URL is now works as either /manager or /sm (to match documentation)
+ Sentry Manager URL now correct in Options page of Sentry Manager.
+ UDP timeout now 1000 instead of 2000ms by default
+ Password field now focused by default
+ Changed title text of unlock window form


X-NetStat 5.6 Beta 2  [12/23/2012]

No stability problems reported so far. X-NetStat 5.6 beta 2 is out now : Download (digitally signed).

+ Fixed manifest, changed to highestAvailable privledge.
+ Added IsUserAdmin function, actually detects elevated privledges.
+ Upgraded from NSIS 2.10 to 2.46
+ Uninstaller now requests elevation
+ Shortcuts now delete properly on uninstall
+ XNS now warns when you try to use packet sniffer on Vista and above without elevation.
+ Shrank EXE


X-NetStat 5.6 Beta 1  [11/22/2012]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are pleased to announce a new beta of the next version of X-NetStat. X-NetStat 5.6 beta 1 is out now : Download (digitally signed). MD5 Hash: 249ad9e9c79fe7c4e696bd296f204ef1

Stay tuned for more details, and Beta 2.

Connection Info: Added Fast IP-to-Country Lookup
Process Info: Added File Size, MD5, Digital Signature Info, Improved UI, added File Properties Button
Tools Menu: Added Administrative Tools and Windows Firewall
DOS Commands: Added tasklist, tasklist /SVC
Can now use mouse wheel to scroll Connection Info, Process Info
Added Microsoft SysInternals Process Explorer integration
Added Watch This Local Port in WireShark to right-click menu
Rules System: Address matching is now case insensitive
After editing rule, description now refreshes properly, and rule remains selected
Fixed bug where changing rule match-type would not fully register
Can now pause refreshing with "p" in addition to Ctrl-P
After IP or Domain Lookup, WHOIS results now get immediate focus, so you can mouse-scroll.
Traceroute functions now handled by DOS
Fixed bug where check-for-updates would not properly close the HTTP connection 
Removed code that executed when it shouldn't, when frmSnoopSniff was nil
Fixed bug where columns would become offset when Sniffer was turned off (lvdata)
Logging: Starting and stopping of recording now prefixed by command "Start" or "Stop" to preserve formatting
Add Expires, Application Data Path, and GeoIP Status to System Info
Manifest file now forces Run as Admin in Vista and above. This may be temporary, but is to ensure Packet Sniffer works.


Fresh Software Forum [9/19/2012]

Introducing the Fresh Software Forum. Post your thoughts, compliments, complaints and wishes.


Become a Fan and get 15% off [5/26/2012]

Like us on Facebook and get access to valuable coupons under the "Fresh Fans" tab:


Fresh Software Releases Warden 1.44 [ 4/24/2012 ]

Fresh Software today released a major update to Warden, version 1.44. Warden is a Windows-based .htpasswd and .htaccess manager for Apache websites. It activates password-protection for website URLs in a simple wizard interface. As a web user manager, the program can suspend web accounts in a single click, search accounts by username/password/real name/email address, and send individual or mass emails to users.

Version 1.44 introduces Warden Server. Now you can remotely edit Warden projects and the users within them from another computer, from a smartphone, or a tablet device. Warden Server also contains several back-end commands that can be integrated with web scripts to help automate account management.

Also new in 1.44 is a feature to generate PHP login scripts, which allows Apache authentication through web forms. The software release also contains other enhancements and bug-fixes.

Fresh Software LLC, a Wisconsin-based shareware and freeware company, was founded in 1998 by Andrew Niese. Its other programs include X-NetStat, Sentry, Port Magic, FreshFind, and DirSpace.

Fresh Software is on the web at
Warden is on the web at

What's New:

+ Added Mobile Interface to Web Server
+ Added Add Account, Update User back-end commands
+ Improved Send Password back-end command
+ Generate logon script feature
+ Export to CSV feature
+ Added SMTP error checking
+ Added web server security key
+ Fixed bug where could not change Web Server port
+ Added download links to No-IP and Apache
+ Increased Recent Projects buffer from 4 to 6
+ Tooltips now display in status bar
+ Added Digital Signatures
+ Updated documentation

Download Warden 1.44 here.


X-NetStat 5.59 Released  [4/12/2012]

A new version of X-NetStat is out, with a handful of enhancements. Download X-NetStat 5.59

+ Upgraded listview library
+ If "Use Advance API" is unchecked, processes don't get logged (Fixed)
+ Fixed Autolookup (WHOIS) combo box box
+ Fixed search not working
+ Made routing table display taller, wider
+ Hitting OK in options resets column order (Fixed)
+ Bulk IP import can't handle whitespace (Fixed)
+ Bytes In/Out Rate column is now blank when no data being sent/recv
+ Fixed Filterbar corruption on Win Vista/Win7 (no longer saves filters)
+ Improved behavior of turning columns on and off
+ Added multi host rules (separate with comma)
+ Fixed bug where editing a rule from Alert window would not save process, or up/down traffic component
+ Added Edit Rule link next to View Alert link on the InfoPanel



Fresh Software Releases Sentry 3.0 Final Build

March 21, 2012

After 7 years, here it is. We would like to thank all of our beta testers over the last several years for contributing valuable feedback.

Look for more details over the coming days.  Download Sentry 3.0




Sentry 3.0 RC9 Out Now [ 3/13/2012 ]

Here's the latest stable build of Sentry, digitally signed.  Download

What's New:

+ Fixed installer not including credits.txt and license.txt
+ Improved Auto-Update progress bar, change log, installer launch
+ Fixed problem with setting master password
+ Fixed crash when screensavers.dat is deleted
+ Fixed multi-user mode not using 'administrator' as default in single user layout
+ Sentry now gets focus when exiting from running screensaver
+ Decreased disk access in Sentry main timer (ScanForLayoutFileChanges-> false by default)
+ Screensaver launch now uses AppIdleTime instead of SysIdleTime
+ Fixed USB detection code throwing debug information
+ Increased width of Options Help
+ Uninstaller now removes SentryManager.exe with reboot option, if running
+ Uninstaller now deletes SStart.exe
+ Fixed Sentry button icon changing
+ SentryCopy.exe is no longer compressed (was triggering WebRoot anti-virus)
+ Fixed A HREF in Eau Claire Radar layout
+ Hid unnecessary debug information


Sentry 3.0 RC8 Out Now [ 2/23/2012 ]

Here's the latest stable build of Sentry, digitally signed.   Download

What's New:

+ Fixed notorious bug of not receiving keyboard focus upon idle launch and remote launch
+ Fixed weather maps
+ Fixed option dialog not showing
+ Removed all known memory leaks
+ Improved About page
+ Fixed F1 help button
+ Slightly improved UI of SentryManager
+ Updated Sentry menu code, fixed range check error
+ Full version number now displayed in about boxes, and sentry manager
+ Idle launch delay setting no longer allowed to be negative

+ Improved server HTML output to WWW standards
+ Fixed column drawing, rearranged columns, correctly formatted data
+ Fixed tab switch problem from context menu
+ Fixed Change and Lock Now button screwing up layouts.
+ Implented Change Layout button
+ Added Halt sentry button (for emergencies)
+ Layouts dropdown now populated with current layout
+ Implemented remote message. (* Does not handle email, pops balloon hint when not locked.)
+ Implemented Edit User list (* Is not fully working.)
+ Caledar now adjusts width to Vista and Windows 7
+ Manager HTML templates are now installed
+ Improved Manager refreshing and computer selection
+ Auto refresh value interval is now properly loaded


Sentry 3.0 RC8 and Final Release [ 2/21/2012 ]

After an extensive testing period, we are ready to unleash Sentry 3 to the world. Look for RC8 this week, and the final release no later than 3/14/2012.


Sentry 3.0 Release Candidate 6 Released! [ 11/27/2011 ]

Download Sentry 3.0 RC6


X-NetStat 5.58 Released  [11/26/2011]

Digitally signed release of X-NetStat, which includes a few more tweaks. Download X-NetStat 5.58

+ Isolate feature now clears other search/filter results for proper isolation.
+ WinPcap Sniffer works, must be run in Administrator mode.
+ EXE files are now digitally signed


BookBlocker 1.0 Released  [7/11/2011]

We're launching a new product today! Check out our BookBlocker page.


Sentry 3.0 Early-Adopter Special [4/06/2011]

Sentry 3.0 has been sitting on the lab bench for too long.  We've poked and prodded it, and its been super stable for over a year.  So in 2011 we're removing the curtain and releasing Sentry to the world. 

We're looking to increase the user base, and gather feedback before the official release.  So here's our early adopter special:  $3.95 per computer, vs $29.95 retail: C7EB0266AF

This code will expire after 200 registrations.

More info will be released very soon.



Fresh Software is now on Facebook  [6/2/2010]

Headline says it all: We're now on Facebook. Check it out.


  New Order System Online  [5/12/2010]

Our new order system is now live.  It has been performing well,  and cuts delivery time by half or more.

If you experience any issues with getting your Fresh Software license key, please call 1-877-838-6565.


X-NetStat 5.56 Released  [4/24/2010]

This version adds a new Process ID column, and minor performance tweaks. Download X-NetStat 5.56 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker

+ Added PID column to show Process ID
+ Code cleanup
+ Performance Tweaks and additional measurements


Warden 1.43 Sneak Peak [ 4/23/2010 ]
Warden htaccess Manager 1.43 beta now out for download.  Keep those feature requests coming!

+ Added automatic MD5 support
+ Added Test URL button
+ Export to CSV
+ Notes no longer visible after step 1
+ Fixed a bug on pathfinder

Download Warden 1.43 here.


  Fresh Software Update  [4/8/2010]

Its been a while since I've released an update on how things are at Fresh Software.

The pace of development slowed down a bit in 2009, as I spent some considerable time helping a local business redesign their inventory management and MRP system.  Separately, I have applied for a patent and have been participating in a technology startup company as partial owner.  We are currently reviewing our possible options for taking a product to market.  I can't say much else about it right now, other than the technology works and is exciting!

A server crash in October 2009, combined with other issues, created some problems in the order-fulfillment system.  Things are working properly now. However, if you ever have a problem getting your license key after placing an order, or just need to speak to somebody, please feel free to reach me directly on my cell phone: 715-570-5076.  It is recommend that you use Google Checkout over PayPal for the fastest delivery.  A new order-fulfillment system is being worked on right now.

Also being worked on: A brand new Fresh Software website.  I think you'll like it.  Look for it before summer.

And the software.  X-NetStat, Sentry, and Warden will all be updated to new versions this year.  Warden will be updated first.  Please continue to send your feedback, and I'll continue to incorporate the suggestions into future versions. 

There is a lot on the horizon, and I'll be sure to keep you posted. Thank you for your patronage.

Drew Niese


X-NetStat 5.55 Released  [2/19/2009]

This version adds a couple new features, and the Lookup Tools window is now working again. Download X-NetStat 5.55 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker

+ Added Google search buttons next to remote IP and hostname
+ Added -stealth command line parameter to run the program completely hidden.
+ Added -shutdown command line parameter to shut down the program.
+ Fixed the Lookup Tools window not appearing



Warden 1.4 released ! [ 2/12/2009 ]
Warden htaccess Manager 1.4 is now out for download, with the addition of the Path Finder wizard.

+ Added Path finder wizard, helps you find out your home directory.
+ Added Web Info tool, to find out information on your web server.
+ Added ErrorDocument directive, to redirect users on failed logon attempts
+ Can now specify FTP Port
+ Updated the help file

Download Warden 1.4 here.


X-NetStat 5.54 Released  [12/11/2008]

This version has minor fixes, and some tweaks to help the program run faster. Download X-NetStat 5.54 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker

 + New Performance Info window (Help Menu) : Turns on performance measurement 
 + New Command-Line parameter : -cpustats (Turn on PM and measure all stats)
 + Reduced unneeded repaints (+ Performance)


Sentry 3.0 Release Candidate 1 Released! [ 11/23/2008 ]

Hot off the press. Changes are listed below. As always please send your bug reports, suggestions, and feature-requests to the Mantis Bug Tracker Download Sentry 3.0 RC1

+ Fixed display resolution bug
+ SysInfo panel and Minibrowser adjust to resolution better now
+ Moved links on the Sentry Bar
+ Power Events can be reported, and optionally broadcast to Master IP.
+ Added options to specify whether Users can change to Console Mode, Access Help, and Suspend the Network
+ Improved Sentry Manager UI
+ Added Accounts tab to Sentry Manager UI
+ Added IsRemoteDesktopSession and RD icon indicator to Sentry Manager
+ Added Remote Log viewer to Sentry Manager


Sentry 3.0 Release Candidate 0 Released! [ 10/16/2008 ]

This version fixes the last known outstanding security issue, making it a release candidate.  We're now offering "full" technical support for registered users of Sentry 3.0. Please send your bug reports, suggestions, and feature-requests to the Mantis Bug Tracker Download Sentry 3.0 RC0

+ Fixed a bug where Sentry did not have window focus after computer idle
+ Added MAC address to Sentry Manager
+ Added 2 experimental Wake-On-LAN buttons to Sentry Manager right-click menu
+ Fixed SM bug where Auto-Refresh option would not change until restart
+ Added Options, Log Manager, Help to Sentry tray menu
+ Lockdown warning message now vanishes when input entered


Sentry 3.0 Beta 10 Released! [ 5/29/2008 ]

Improved Sentry Manager and remote administration features.  Improved multiple-computer deployment.  Please send all of your bug reports, suggestions, and feature-requests to the Mantis Bug Tracker
Download Sentry 3.0 Beta 10


X-NetStat 5.53 Released!  [8/11/2008]

A new version of X-NetStat is available with the following changes:

 + Fixed bug in Lookup Tools
 + Fixed bug in Auto-DNS resolve option

Download X-NetStat 5.53 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker


X-NetStat 5.53 Released!  [8/11/2008]

A new version of X-NetStat is available with the following changes:

 + Fixed bug in Lookup Tools
 + Fixed bug in Auto-DNS resolve option

Download X-NetStat 5.53 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker


Sentry 3.0 Beta 9 Released! [ 5/29/2008 ]

Ready or not, here it is. Improved stability and smoothness of operation.  System information hot-tags. New Sentry network manager with remote administration features.  Whether you download the secured version (CTRL-ALT-DEL, ALT-F4, ALT-TAB disabled), or the unsecured version, be sure to save your work before running the program for the first time. And please send all of your bug reports, suggestions, and feature-requests to the Mantis Bug Tracker

Screensavers launch properly
Sentry manager
remote notes, remote shutdown/restart
remote info of computers
remote lock/unlock
Option to make console log default, not minibrowser
Shutdown feature
Fixed some problematic memory leaks
Documentation update
Added nowizard commandline option
Improved look of SysInfo panel on SentryBar
Made SysInfo panel optional
Added about 25 new Dynamical HTML hot tags, check out the SysInfo layout for
NasaUpdate: saying width=0 now hides the plugin.
Fixed leak in NasaUpdate plugin
Fixed focus issue in ISS 3.0 Layout
Improved performance of certain features, especially screen loading time.
Added default to memo option
Added always use code editor option
Added lat/long/city/state and zip lookup to settings/options


Warden 1.3 released ! [ 5/28/2008 ]
Warden htaccess Manager 1.3 is now out for download.

+ Fixed an access violation bug when deleting users
+ Fixed an access violation when saving on exit
+ Fixed 7 memory leaks
+ By popular demand, Implemented a password-reminder system (beta)

To use the password reminder system, it must first be turned on. Then a connection must be made to http://your_ip_address:port/sendpassword?toemail=xxx where xxx is the email address of a Warden user. Warden will search for the user associated with the given email address, and if found, email them their password and other account information. 
Download Warden 1.3 here.


X-NetStat 5.52 Released!  [4/27/2008]

A new version of X-NetStat is available with the following changes:

 + Added support for Wireshark protocol analyzer
 + Verified support for WinPCap 4
 + Can now select a non-primary adapter to monitor in WinPcap
 + Internal send feedback form
 + Fixed: Can now WHOIS when no connection is selected.

Download X-NetStat 5.52 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker


Sentry 3.0 Beta 8 Released! [ 2/7/2008 ]

Beta 8 here and features a lot of of updates.  This release stands out quality wise, but as with any beta software, please save your work before running Sentry for the first time. Download Sentry 3.0 Beta 8 and please report bugs, or any suggestions or feature-requests to the Mantis Bug Tracker

+ Idle launch now works as long as Sentry is in the tray
+ 1-minute countdown to lock
+ Auto-creation of 'administrator' account with master password
+ About box resets Sentry menu button
+ Organized Sentry bar icons
+ New option: Hide instead of minimizing sentry bar
+ Sentry bar now repaints properly when minimizing
+ Started a minibrowser.
+ Running with -tray parameter no longer sticks up the load screen
+ Fixed a memory leak when exiting on the first Run (Before Explorer)
+ Fixed a smaller memory leak
+ Fixed improper window focus on loading/unloading
+ Fixed location of variables in the Setting's save routine
+ Other fixes and enhancements


X-NetStat 5.51 Released!  [1/29/2008]

A new version of X-NetStat is available that fixes some outstanding issues:

 + Fixed bug where column would not sort properly
 + Fixed bug where columns would dissapear
 + Added 'reset columns' link to options form, also available by right-clicking column header
 + Smoother table update
 + Click process to go to process info
 + button
 + Increased size of options window
 + Changed default options for performance boost
 + Added Performance page to Options
 + Added "Don't use Smooth Update" option to Performance tab

Download X-NetStat 5.51 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker


Sentry 3.0 Beta 7 [ 12/19/2007 ]

Beta 7 is here and features a lot of of updates.  As with any beta software, please save your work before running Sentry for the first time. Download Sentry 3.0 Beta 7 and report bugs in the Mantis Bug Tracker.  Any unique, reproducible bug report made by 2-1-07 qualifies the reporter for a free license!

+ Added SentryBar page to Options. Can change font, color, etc
+ Implemented IP masks in network tab
+ Export to USB drive: Now can make auto-lock or auto-unlock USB drives
+ Triple right-click now brings up Sentry Menu
+ Sentry menu no longer sticks down after selecting an item
+ Turned off mouse hook for the above..
+ Added a button to minimize the SentryBar
+ USB drives are now recognized upon insertion
+ Widened options window
+ Centered some forms
+ Added accelerator keys to options
+ Added -killonclose command-line parameter
+ Added ISS 3.0 multi user layout
+ Logs: Menu items now full length
+ Logs: Status bar updated after selecting a new day.
+ Fixed: AppData folder now created if it doesn't exist
+ Fixed logic that determines if a request is remote or local in http server
+ Remote bad passwords in http server no longer bring up dialog boxes
+ Made startup window look better
+ Can now delete screensavers from list




X-NetStat 5.5 Released!  [6/25/2007]

Fresh Software is pleased to announce the next release of X-NetStat 5.5.   This major release has been in development for 11 months and contains many improvements over the previous version, including support for Windows Vista.  Fresh Software will gradually be rolling out the new version over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more details..

Download X-NetStat 5.5 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker.

We need mirrors to host the X-NetStat setup file! If you can help, please contact us.


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