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The Sentry User's Manual

    The User's Manual provides the most in-depth coverage of how to use and get the most out of Sentry.  You can read it in several formats:

  • In-Program: Hit <F1>
  • User's Manual in Microsoft Word format :           Coming Soon
  • User's Manual in HTML format :                        Go to Start Menu -> Programs -> Sentry -> User's Manual
  • User's Manual in HTML format (Online version)
  • User's Manual in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF file coming soon)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The FAQ answers the most commonly asked questions about Sentry.

Go to the FAQ

Email the Author directly

I answer all email that I receive as fast as possible.  To email me, click the link below.

Email the author

Phone Contact & Support
If you require phone support, you can call (715) 570-5076 Monday to Friday 12pm-5pm CST. Ask for Drew.

Please be aware that this is my cell phone number -- my only number -- and that email contact is preferred.
Fax Contact & Support
See our Contact page.
Sentry 2.5 Help
To see help for the previous version, see the Sentry 2.5 Help page.


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