System Information displays vital stats.
Fast, accurate, automatic and manual WHOIS lookup by IP address or domain name.


"A quantum leap beyond the days of the console netstat.exe"

X-NetStat displays detailed information on your current Internet and network connections in realtime. Connections are displayed in the Connection Table, where you can see the IP and hostname address, what ports (local and remote) are being used, the program behind the connection, how much bandwidth is being used, and detailed status information.

X-NetStat Professional contains powerful features like a Rules System that lets you set up actions based on network conditions, a comprehensive Network Statistics window displaying information on network interfaces and protocols, a Web Server that lets you access XNS information remotely, a collection of Lookup Tools (TraceRoute, WHOIS, Finger, DNS, Web Search, etc), and many more features.

Fresh Software has been improving X-NetStat for the last 7 years based on user feedback. With a smart graphical user interface, a rich feature set, and innovative concepts, X-NetStat Professional is critical tool that administrators and power users should not be without.  But don't just take our word for it...


X-NetStat Professional Program Features:
  • Display all TCP Connections & UDP listens
  • Connection Info: Addresses, Status, Ports, etc
  • Process Info: Show program EXE behind connections
  • Location Info: 1-Click Auto-WHOIS
  • System Info: Uptime, MAC Address, Workgroup, etc
  • Ability to Kill/Disconnect connections
  • Nuke Connections (mass kill)
  • DNS Cache for fast hostname resolution
  • Log XNS activity to file / Log Manager
  • Feature-Centric customizable toolbar
  • ViewBar & System Tray Access
  • Remote Access thru X-NetStat Web Server
  • Comprehensive Port Information Database
  • Get External IP address
  • Show In/Out Traffic Rates / LED traffic lights
  • 1-Click access to common DOS network commands
  • Banish Hostname (prevent outgoing connections)
  • Condition/Action Rules system
  • Print / Save Connection Table
  • Customize Columns & Toolbar buttons
  • Customize Status Bar
  • Customize External Programs
  • Customize Font & Appearance
  • Extensive set of configurable Options
  • Lookup Tools (WHOIS, TraceRoute, etc)
  • Net Stats (Interface, TCP, IP, ICMP, UDP)
  • Check for Updates
  • Assign addresses “friendly” names
  • Filter/Search Connections
  • Bulk IP Import Tool (resolve IP lists)
  • AutoRefresh & Pause buttons

To accurately demonstrate all the features X-NetStat Professional has to offer, you should download a fully functional evaluation version.




X-NetStat Professional 5.2 main window, AKA the Connection Table with Process Information shown
X-NetStat Professional 5.4 main window, with Packet Sniffer and bandwidth meters activated

Each connection is shown on a single line in the Connection Table.  Information shown includes the Remote and Local Addresses, the Local and Remote Ports, Status, Connection Age, Protocol, and Process. 

Context Menu
Right click any connection to bring up the context menu.

This popup menu lets you perform several actions, like copying information to the clipboard, bringing up port, process, and connection information, Trace the address or look it up via WHOIS, or even kill the connection.

You can configure the programs button to launch any of your external programs, files or URLs with a single-click.

X-NetStat Professional comes with a network toolbelt in Lookup Tools.  A collection of internet tracing/investigative tools are at your disposal, including TraceRoute, WHOIS, Finger, NS Lookup, Web Search and more. You can even browse and add your own links to Online Tools.


One of the most powerful features of X-NetStat Professional is its Remote Access Web Server.  Using it, you can view your connections (and Network Statistics) from any remote computer by using a web browser.



The XNS Webserver status window displays server activity.

Connection Report options:
  • Password Protect
  • Automatically Refresh
  • Include Network Statistics

The Viewbar

The ViewBar keeps an eye on your connections while not taking up precious screen real estate.  Dock to the top or bottom of the screen.

X-NetStat Rules System

XNS Pro can respond to certain connection-conditions using its rule system.
Enter in the conditions to trigger one or more actions:
  • Pop up Message Alert
  • Launch an EXE file or script
  • Automatically kill the connection
  • Send an email alert

Port Information will attempt to identify
the purpose of a port based on an internal
Port Database... and it will also show if any
trojan horses or malware are associated
with the port.

Type in a port to pull up a record.

The Network Statistics window displays detailed information
 on your network interface, and stats for the IP, ICMP, TCP and UDP protocols.

Network Statistics

Options Dialog

Options configure and change X-NetStat behavior.
The software is very customizable and flexibile.
All settings are explained in the User's Manual.

    X-NetStat’s logging features, can record several events to file:
    • New Connections
    • Changes in connection state/status
    • Closing connections
    • Rule activity
    • Use of the X-NetStat server (Remote Access)
    • Connection Kills
    • UDP Activity

X-NetStat comes with a built in log viewer to make managing your log files a breeze.  Just click a day on the calendar to view that day's events.



This has been a partial tour of X-NetStat Professional.  There are many more features, so Download X-NetStat and try it out for 15 days! 

Or, check out our Awards, Quotes, and Reviews page to see the praise X-NetStat Professional (and Fresh Software) has received.