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Fresh Software has provided custom code solutions for a variety of businesses and organizations.


DirecPC Uncensored needed a solution to rival the functions of another TCP tweaking application and also add optimizations for specific satellite internet systems, and Fresh Software delivered SatSpeed.

The program includes optimized presets for various Hughes satellite internet systems, and allows you to tweak settings beyond them. 

DirecWay Uncensored! Website

HTML Parse

CyberArmy had acquired an external website and needed to automate the task of re-branding the content under its name.

Fresh Software delivered HTML Parse, a program to stamp the top and bottom of each web page with custom HTML code. 

CyberArmy Webpage

Port Magic

This program was developed in partnership with a Danish internet security company that wanted a reliable way to detect Port Scans and port probes.

Fresh Software delivered Port Magic to, but after they failed to pay the program was released as freeware.

Port Magic Webpage



A few years back, PowerSurge Technologies needed a program to analyze disk usage on its Windows NT hosting accounts.

Fresh Software delivered DirSpace, a program to scan directory structures to tally up the number of files and used diskspace.

The program helped PowerSurge discover users who were over quota.

PowerSurge Technologies Webpage

Fresh Software Administration

Our in-house management software automatically processes incoming orders and mails out registration keys to our customers.

In addition, it runs a paging service and keeps track of important business documents and projects.

FSA is continuously evolving software.

For more examples of Fresh Software, go to X-NetStat, X-NetStat Professional, Sentry, AntiGen, BusJack, NotSoBig.

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