Sentry 3.0 Documentation

Last Revised: December 2012

Copyright 1998-2012 Fresh Software LLC
   This documentation is "in progress".  For tech support, please visit
  What is Sentry and What Can it Do? A basic explanation
  Deployment & Installation Notes Creating a master config file and distributing it with the setup file.
  The First Run What happens when Sentry is first run: Creation of Administrator account
  Locking Sentry A tour of main the screen, the Sentry Menu, and how to unlock.
  Unlocking Sentry Via password, username & password, USB drive, or remote unlock
  Customizing Layouts How to modify an existing layout or create a new one. Also: The minibrowser
  Options Changing Sentry settings to your liking
    General   Security  
    Accounts   Layouts  
    Network   Away Message  
    ScreenSavers   Logging  
    Notes   SentryBar  
    Advanced   USB Portability  
  Sentry Manager Remote administration of computers running Sentry
  Other Sentry Tools and Resources bootcfg.exe and sentrycopy.exe
        A: Physical Security Tips you can take to improve the physical seucirty of your computer.
        B: Running as Administrator Tips and tricks for optimizing Sentry on Windows Vista / Win7
        C: Command Line Parameters Command-line parameters for programs in the Sentry Suite
        D: Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts to use in Sentry
        E: Sentry Settings Structure How Sentry stores settings in the registry
        F: Sentry File List A list of all files included in the Sentry Suite and what they do
        G: Sentry Registration and Licensing How to buy and unlock Sentry's full potential

See also: readme.txt / whatsnew.txt