Warden .htaccess Manager 1.44   for Apache Web Servers

Apply password protection to your website in seconds. Warden is a website user-manager and .htaccess and .htpasswd generator that makes it easy to control authentication for Apache-compatible web servers.  Add new accounts in seconds, suspend them in a click, and send email to your users from within the program. 
  • Control accounts from Windows, or remotely on Android and iOS
  • Email users
  • Integrate with your website using Warden server

Perfect for "members only" sections of your website

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Download New Warden 1.44a here [ 9/6/2013 ]

If you have not already downloaded 1.44a, you can download the installer here.
We are releasing 1.45 update soon. Please send any change requests via email.



Fresh Software Releases Warden 1.44 [ 4/24/2012 ]

Fresh Software today released a major update to Warden, version 1.44. Warden is a Windows-based .htpasswd and .htaccess manager for Apache websites. It activates password-protection for website URLs in a simple wizard interface. As a web user manager, the program can suspend web accounts in a single click, search accounts by username/password/real name/email address, and send individual or mass emails to users.

Version 1.44 introduces Warden Server. Now you can remotely edit Warden projects and the users within them from another computer, from a smartphone, or a tablet device. Warden Server also contains several back-end commands that can be integrated with web scripts to help automate account management.

Also new in 1.44 is a feature to generate PHP login scripts, which allows Apache authentication through web forms. The software release also contains other enhancements and bug-fixes.

Fresh Software LLC, a Wisconsin-based shareware and freeware company, was founded in 1998 by Andrew Niese. Its other programs include X-NetStat, Sentry, Port Magic, FreshFind, and DirSpace.

Fresh Software is on the web at http://www.freshsoftware.com/
Warden is on the web at http://www.freshsoftware.com/warden

What's New:

+ Added Mobile Interface to Web Server
+ Added Add Account, Update User back-end commands
+ Improved Send Password back-end command
+ Generate logon script feature
+ Export to CSV feature
+ Added SMTP error checking
+ Added web server security key
+ Fixed bug where could not change Web Server port
+ Added download links to No-IP and Apache
+ Increased Recent Projects buffer from 4 to 6
+ Tooltips now display in status bar
+ Added Digital Signatures
+ Updated documentation

Download Warden 1.44 here.


Warden Sneak Peak [ 4/23/2010 ]
Warden htaccess Manager 1.43 beta now out for download.  Keep those feature requests coming!

+ Added automatic MD5 support
+ Added Test URL button
+ Export to CSV
+ Notes no longer visible after step 1
+ Fixed a small bug on pathfinder

Download Warden 1.43 here.


Warden 1.4 released ! [ 2/12/2009 ]
Warden htaccess Manager 1.4 is now out for download, with the addition of the Path Finder wizard.

+ Added Path finder wizard, helps you find out your home directory.
+ Added Web Info tool, to find out information on your web server.
+ Added ErrorDocument directive, to redirect users on failed logon attempts
+ Can now specify FTP Port
+ Updated the help file

Download Warden 1.4 here.


Warden 1.3 released ! [ 5/28/2008 ]
Warden htaccess Manager 1.3 is now out for download.

+ Fixed an access violation bug when deleting users
+ Fixed an access violation when saving on exit
+ Fixed 7 memory leaks
+ By popular demand, Implemented a password-reminder system (beta)

To use the password reminder system, it must first be turned on. Then a connection must be made to http://your_ip_address:port/sendpassword?toemail=xxx where xxx is the email address of a Warden user. Warden will search for the user associated with the given email address, and if found, email them their password and other account information. 
Download Warden 1.3 here.


Warden 1.2 released ! [ 6/25/2007 ]
Warden htaccess Manager 1.2 is now available !   The program now shows a list of recently opened files.  A handful of bugs have been fixed as well, and the program now runs fine on Windows Vista and on non-administrator accounts.   Download Warden 1.2 here.


Warden 1.1 released ! [ 8/8/2006 ]
Warden htaccess Manager 1.1 is now available ! You can now edit .htaccess files with your own directives and modifications prior to upload.  Also, a bug with picking the wrong user to email (in search mode) has been fixed. Download version 1.1 here.


Warden 1.01 released ! [ 6/20/2006 ]
Warden 1.01 is now available ! You can now specify your own outgoing email port. Double-clicking a Warden project file will now open it in Warden.  And improvement to the emailer.  Download version 1.01 here.



To see what a password-protected site might look like, click here to browse to /warden/protected