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"I use X-NetStat on this PC to monitor all connections at all times...this is the best monitoring program there is. If I see a connection that's not supposed to be there I can kill it like that.!"



What's next for X-NetStat 5.62? [5/4/2015]

We're tracking bug reports and feature requests for the next version. See what's on deck for 5.62 and submit your own request here! X-NetStat (Mantis Bugtracker)


X-NetStat 5.61 Final [8/14/2014]

5.61 Beta 1 became 5.61 Final after a few minor tweaks to the UI. Here are the checksums for the setup file:

CRC-32: 6e75e484 
MD4: 279393961533c4692fad207100d1e73e 
MD5: ad032d1372bd7ec1eaca993528a69e8a 
SHA-1: ee2447c61001512509865476a8cf183ff43d0584 

What's new since 5.6

+ Added HTTP Client (Tools Menu)
+ System Info revamp (See below)
+ Added Google search for MD5 hash (Connection Info Panel) [x]

+ FIXED: Small UI bug when right-clicking connection table with nothing selected
+ Removed 'Total' from # of connections in status bar (better use of space) [x]

+ Rewrote "Check For Updates" new version notification for 1-click updates. [x]

+ "Translate bytes into KB" option now also translates into MB and GB [ ]
MB shown after 100,000,000 kbytes
GB shown after 100,000,000 GBytes

+ Added Facebook button to toolbar [x]
--> Goes to FS facebook page

+ MISC: Packet-Counter now assigned earlier on WinPcap Sniffer (data available sooner) [x]

+ NOTE: warning: readport.getport creates an exception on 'port not found', the exception may not be freed. [ ]


+ Search Log Files for Connection [x]
(Right-click on a connection to see if the remote IP was previouslly recorded)
Uses DOS search

+ Fixed: Log Viewer "reload on timer does not take effect until reopening log viewer" [x]
+ Rewrote Nobrackets function to handle double-brackets [x] (needs performance evaluation)
+ Wrote Nobrackets2 using different methods to compare performance [x]
+ GetTcpConnectionsEx: on state change, xns attempted to write process EXE to log file before it was assigned. [ ]

+ Changed text and UI

+ Added new condition: Cumulative traffic [x]
Cumulative Upstream Traffic, Cumulative Downstream Traffic

+ Open URL: can now pass in %ip% to pass remote IP of connection that triggered rule) [x]

+ Added "Get URL" option to GET the URL without opening a browser window. (Uses %ip%) [x]
BETA: Experimental stages
Not recommended for rules that may get called frequently
Queue system still needs tweaking
After a GetURL action is fired, the rule becomes ignored for the session.
TODO: Make the ignoring optional (beta 2)

+ Added GUI for http GET rule action (HTTP Client) [x]

+ Context Menu: Added 'Make new rule: (process)' in addition to (hostname) [x]
+ Changed scroll amount from 1 to 10 on "connection age" condition [x]
+ FIXED: Add Rule address filter enabled even when default option is "any" remote address (not done) [x]

System Info Revamp

+ New UI
+ Load network connections
+ Load current connection
+ New code to better detect active NIC
+ Gateway detection

Separated SysInfo into groups: X-NetStat Info, Computer Info, NIC info, Performance info, Misc Info (Performance increase) []

Added "Established Connections" to SysInfo []
Added "Open TCP Ports" to SysInfo []
Added "Passive UDP Ports" to SysInfo []

TODO: make the NCi detection code determine the default nic of the frmSTats combobox. [x]
TODO: make nci not refresh every 5 seconds, but something less common... []

X-NetStat 5.61 [7/1/2013]

5.61 is in the pipeline, and will be released this month. If you have any suggestions for this next release, please send them in!


X-NetStat 5.6 release [1/1/2013]

Beta 2 became the final 5.6 release. Huzzah!



X-NetStat 5.6 Beta 2  [12/23/2012]

No stability problems reported so far. X-NetStat 5.6 beta 2 is out now : Download (digitally signed).

+ Fixed manifest, changed to highestAvailable privledge.
+ Added IsUserAdmin function, actually detects elevated privledges.
+ Upgraded from NSIS 2.10 to 2.46
+ Uninstaller now requests elevation
+ Shortcuts now delete properly on uninstall
+ XNS now warns when you try to use packet sniffer on Vista and above without elevation.
+ Shrank EXE
X-NetStat 5.6 Beta 1  [11/22/2012]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are pleased to announce a new beta of the next version of X-NetStat. X-NetStat 5.6 beta 1 is out now : Download (digitally signed). MD5 Hash: 249ad9e9c79fe7c4e696bd296f204ef1

Stay tuned for more details, and Beta 2.

Connection Info: Added Fast IP-to-Country Lookup
Process Info: Added File Size, MD5, Digital Signature Info, Improved UI, added File Properties Button
Tools Menu: Added Administrative Tools and Windows Firewall
DOS Commands: Added tasklist, tasklist /SVC
Can now use mouse wheel to scroll Connection Info, Process Info
Added Microsoft SysInternals Process Explorer integration
Added Watch This Local Port in WireShark to right-click menu
Rules System: Address matching is now case insensitive
After editing rule, description now refreshes properly, and rule remains selected
Fixed bug where changing rule match-type would not fully register
Can now pause refreshing with "p" in addition to Ctrl-P
After IP or Domain Lookup, WHOIS results now get immediate focus, so you can mouse-scroll.
Traceroute functions now handled by DOS
Fixed bug where check-for-updates would not properly close the HTTP connection 
Removed code that executed when it shouldn't, when frmSnoopSniff was nil
Fixed bug where columns would become offset when Sniffer was turned off (lvdata)
Logging: Starting and stopping of recording now prefixed by command "Start" or "Stop" to preserve formatting
Add Expires, Application Data Path, and GeoIP Status to System Info
Manifest file now forces Run as Admin in Vista and above. This may be temporary, but is to ensure Packet Sniffer works.



X-NetStat 5.59 Released  [4/12/2012]

A new version of X-NetStat is out, with a handful of enhancements. Download X-NetStat 5.59

What's new since 5.58
+ Upgraded listview library
+ If "Use Advance API" is unchecked, processes don't get logged (Fixed)
+ Fixed Autolookup (WHOIS) combo box box
+ Fixed search not working
+ Made routing table display taller, wider
+ Hitting OK in options resets column order (Fixed)
+ Bulk IP import can't handle whitespace (Fixed)
+ Bytes In/Out Rate column is now blank when no data being sent/recv
+ Fixed Filterbar corruption on Win Vista/Win7 (no longer saves filters)
+ Improved behavior of turning columns on and off
+ Added multi host rules (separate with comma)
+ Fixed bug where editing a rule from Alert window would not save process, or up/down traffic component
+ Added Edit Rule link next to View Alert link on the InfoPanel


X-NetStat 5.58 Released  [11/26/2011]

Digitally signed release of X-NetStat, which includes a few more tweaks. Download X-NetStat 5.58 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker.

+ Isolate feature now clears other search/filter results for proper isolation.
+ WinPcap Sniffer works, must be run in Administrator mode.
+ EXE files are now digitally signed


X-NetStat 5.56 Released  [4/24/2010]

This version adds a new Process ID column, and minor performance tweaks. Download X-NetStat 5.56 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker

+ Added PID column to show Process ID
+ Code cleanup
+ Performance Tweaks and additional measurements


X-NetStat 5.55 Released  [2/19/2008]

This version adds a couple new features, and the Lookup Tools window is now working again. Download X-NetStat 5.55 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker

+ Added Google search buttons next to remote IP and hostname
+ Added -stealth command line parameter to run the program completely hidden.
+ Added -shutdown command line parameter to shut down the program.
+ Fixed the Lookup Tools window not appearing


X-NetStat 5.54 Released  [12/11/2008]

This version has minor fixes, and some tweaks to help the program run faster. Download X-NetStat 5.54 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker

 + New Performance Info window (Help Menu) : Turns on performance measurement 
 + New Command-Line parameter : -cpustats (Turn on PM and measure all stats)
 + Reduced unneeded repaints (+ Performance)


X-NetStat 5.53 Released!  [8/11/2008]

A new version of X-NetStat is available with the following changes:

 + Fixed bug in Lookup Tools
 + Fixed bug in Auto-DNS resolve option

Download X-NetStat 5.53 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker


X-NetStat 5.52 Released!  [4/27/2008]

A new version of X-NetStat is available with the following changes:

 + Added support for Wireshark protocol analyzer
 + Verified support for WinPCap 4
 + Can now select a non-primary adapter to monitor in WinPcap
 + Internal send feedback form
 + Fixed: Can now WHOIS when no connection is selected.

Download X-NetStat 5.52 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker


X-NetStat 5.51 Released!  [1/29/2008]

A new version of X-NetStat is available that fixes some outstanding issues:

 + Fixed bug where column would not sort properly
 + Fixed bug where columns would dissapear
 + Added 'reset columns' link to options form, also available by right-clicking column header
 + Smoother table update
 + Click process to go to process info
 + button
 + Increased size of options window
 + Changed default options for performance boost
 + Added Performance page to Options
 + Added "Don't use Smooth Update" option to Performance tab

Download X-NetStat 5.51 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker


X-NetStat 5.5 Released!  [6/25/2007]

Fresh Software is pleased to announce the next release of X-NetStat 5.5.   This major release has been in development for 11 months and contains many improvements over the previous version, including support for Windows Vista.  Fresh Software will gradually be rolling out the new version over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more details..

Download X-NetStat 5.5 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker.


X-NetStat 5.5 Beta 4 Released!  [6/12/2007]

Improvements keep on coming.  This is probably the last version before the final release. Changes include:

  + Greater compatibility on non-administrator accounts
  + New Command line parameter For Debug Window: -debug
  + Fixed issue with size of calendar control in Vista
  + Additional info in WebServer now formatted properly

Download X-NetStat 5.5 Beta 4 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker.


X-NetStat 5.5 Beta 3  [4/15/2007]

Beta 3 fixes several outstanding bugs, and now has a button right on the toolbar that directs to  Thanks to everyone who has sent feedback, the program is getting more stable!   Download X-NetStat 5.5 Beta 3.


X-NetStat 5.5 Beta 2b  [3/7/2007]

An update is out with Vista fixes and the long-requested ability to exclude IP addresses from a rule!

+ New Rule Ability: Address Exceptions (IP Address must NOT contain)
+ Fixed a bug with custom fonts on the Connection Table in Windows Vista
+ Fixed a potential logging problem on Windows Vista
+ Improved stability
+ Minimize to Tray now Optional
+ Auto-detect administrator privileges
+ Log Viewer now at the top of Logs menu
+ Help link on Options window

The world's hottest network monitor keeps getting hotter!  Download X-NetStat 5.5 Beta 2b today.


The Great X-NetStat Bug Hunt of 2007! [3/2/2007]

As Fresh prepares to launch version 5.5, I'd like to make sure the final release is of the highest quality.  So, anybody who sends a bug or deficiency report (something doesn't work the way it should), no matter how big or small the problem, will get discounts off of any purchase of the program, for any quantity:

1 bug report: 15% off  --  2 bug reports: 30% off -- 3 bug reports: 50% off. 

Use the Mantis bug tracker to see if the bug is already listed, and to send your bug report. Or, send it via email.


X-NetStat 5.5 Beta 2  [3/1/2007]

X-NetStat is now compatible with Windows Vista!!  There are other changes in Beta 2 as well:

+ Ethereal Auto-Installer
+ DOS Commands: Delete IP-to-MAC address mappings (ARP -d *)
+ Added 'Partial' Address Isolate feature
+ Fixed a 10k memory leak on exit
+ XNS No longer requests Debug privileges.
+ New 25 day trial period
+ A few cosmetic changes

The world's hottest network monitor keeps getting hotter!  Download X-NetStat 5.5 Beta 2 and see what the fuss is about.


X-NetStat 5.5 Beta 1  [1/10/2007]

Beta 1 is now released.  The main improvement is in custom-column ordering for the connection table:

+ Columns now save positions and width properly.
+ Added Net Shares, Net Sessions, and Net Files to DOS Commands menu
+ Include Detail option for Web Server Report

Download X-NetStat 5.5 Beta 1


X-NetStat 5.5 Alpha 1  [11/26/06]

A beta version of X-NetStat 5.5 is now available.  The software is pretty stable, but some features may not work as expected.   The software expires January 31st, 2007. A new version will be out by then. Download X-NetStat 5.5 Alpha 1. Changes:

+ Isolate Process, Isolate Address (right-click connection)
+ Can now turn off multiple-connection selection (Extra Options)
+ Logging Options now on by default
+ Reduced GDI resource usage (Performance)
+ A new friendly reminder when trial period is about to end
+ WHOIS query box now gets automatically focus
+ Auto-Setup of Ethereal, WinPcap
+ ESC now closes About box
+ New Splash Screen



X-NetStat Professional Fall Sale!  30% off until November 1st
From October 23rd to November 1st, X-NetStat will be 30% off! For details, please see the X-NetStat purchase page.


X-NetStat Spanish Edition (Beta) [ 10/1/2006 ]
X-NetStat has been completely translated into Spanish!   This has been quite a complex process over the course of this summer, but now it is ready for testing.

X-NetStat en Espanol


X-NetStat Professional 5.49d released [ 8/17/2006 ]
Updated to fix Lookup Tools not launching from the main form.  Also, System Info now shows historical usage of X-NetStat, like total runs, connections displayed, etc.



X-NetStat Professional 5.49c released! [ 7/25/2006 ]
What was going to be a bug-fix only release now has a couple new features, like the saving of Filter/Search bar filters, and a Log Viewer feature to update in realtime. Got a bit more done than I had intended!

What's new since 5.49b (5.49c)
+ Filter/Search Bar now saves filters (Extra Options)
+ Fix: Ultra-fast clicking of filter/search button crashes program
+ Fix: Program stops logging while Log Viewer is up
+ Added Log Viewer page to Options
+ Log Viewer can now auto-scroll to the bottom of each file
+ Log Viewer can now automatically update the currently viewed log in realtime or by timer
+ Sniffed TCP connections are now recognized properly
+ Changed "Trojans using port X" to "Potential Trojans using port X"
+ Added debug notice to the Packet Sniffer windows
+ Moved debug data to bottom of System Info


The new setup file can be found at this link: