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The award winning, original GUI netstat program for Windows.

X-NetStat : The original Network Radar for your PC!

X-NetStat is the orignal GUI netstat program for windows. It comes in two editions, Standard and Professional. 

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X-NetStat 5.5 Released!  [6/25/2007]

Fresh Software is pleased to announce the next release of X-NetStat 5.5.   This major release has been in development for 11 months and contains many improvements over the previous version, including support for Windows Vista.  Fresh Software will gradually be rolling out the new version over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more details..

Download X-NetStat 5.5 and report any bugs with the Mantis BugTracker.


X-NetStat Spanish Edition (Beta) [ 10/1/2006 ]
X-NetStat has been completely translated into spanish!   This has been quite a complex process over the course of this summer, but now it is ready for testing.

X-NetStat en Espanol


June 7 1998 - June 7 2005

X-NetStat turns 7!

WOW! On June 7, 1998, X-NetStat 1.5 was released to the world.  Packet Storm Security quickly picked it up and the rest is history... weeks later I founded Fresh Software. I want to thank everyone who has ever downloaded or used the program and found it handy and taken the time to send me an email.  It has been an absolutely crazy and wonderful journey.


X-NetStat Professional 5.49 Beta 3 released!  [ 5/9/2006 ]
Version 5.49 Beta 3 supports WinPcap packet sniffing, improved Ethereal support, and other new enhancements:

+ Revamped the WHOIS interface
+ Improved WinPcap Packet Sniffer support
+ Added Ethereal plug-in setup instructions
+ Added Logging option: Date Stamp (LogRythem compatibility)
+ Web Server icon now shows the number of requests in tooltip
+ FIXED: Port shortnames not shown on Connection Info panel

Download X-NetStat 5.49 Beta 3. WinPcap is REQUIRED : Get it from 

Coming soon: The X-NetStat FAQ is also being updated.

X-NetStat Professional 5.47 Released!   [ 1/25/2005 ]
A new version of X-NetStat is out with several updates:

+ Memory Leak Protection improved: XNS can now restart itself by the minute (Advanced Options)
+ Rules: Bandwidth triggers are more precise, up to .001 KB/s
+ Programs Menu now accepts separator bars (set name = to "-")
+ Changed icon of Programs button
+ Fixed a bug in the Filter/Search bar (couldn't hide two terms without hiding all)
+ Rearranged Rule Summary text in options for better reading
+ Added "Add New Rule..." to Rules Menu (no need to go thru Options)
+ Can now right click a connection and Extended Kill/Make Rule -> Make Rule
+ Keyboard shortcut for Refresh is now F5
+ Ctrl-R now does Address Resolve (IP/Hostname)
+ XNS no longer does Pentium-safe FDIV division. People with Pentium chips 120MHz and below may experience incorrect calculations in the packet sniffer, but nobody really uses those slow chips anymore. Everyone else will have a slight performance boost.

Download X-NetStat Professional here.


Version 5.5 in the tube, tell us what you want in the next X-NetStat!   [ 11/6/2005 ]

We are mapping the list of changes we want to accomplish for the next major release, version 5.5.  Tell us what you'd like to see!


X-NetStat Professional 5.46 Released!   [ 11/6/2005 ]

This update fixes a rare but important bug in the program, so all users should upgrade to this version. There's also new features:

+ Can now make rules based on a connection's upstream/downstream traffic rate
+ Added Group Policy results for current user (gpresult) to DOS Commands menu
+ Clicking "View Alert" for killed connections now displays a message
+ Process Info -> Open Containing Folder now also selects the program file in the folder

Download X-NetStat Professional here.