DirSpace 2.1 - Freeware folder space calculator.

New DirSpace 2.1 from Fresh Software!

DirSpace is a freeware program to scan a directory (folder) structure for total files and used disk space.

After scanning , you can click on a column to sort the directories and spot the ones taking up the most space.

What's New in 2.1?
  • Now uses an Installer (start menu icons optional)
  • Added Main menu
  • Better looking icons
  • Now selects "Root Dir" on startup
  • Can now save results to TXT, CSV, HTML or Excel file
  • Can now sort "Folder Name" column
  • Added "Send Feedback to Fresh Software" link
  • Can now right-click results folders to open or scan
  • Fixed math bug when calculating huge folders
  • More Freshness!

Download DirSpace

DirSpace 2.1

Full Install (dirspace21.exe)

Download Size: 373 KB
Min. Install Size: 361 KB

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DirSpace is free to download and use, but if you found it useful you are encouraged to donate a few dollars to Fresh Software.
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