X-NetStat 6.0 Documentation

Last Revised: May 2021

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  What is X-NetStat? A basic explanation
  Deployment & Installation Notes What happens when you install
  Main Window Finding your way around
  Getting more information  

The Context Menu

Right-click a connection to see everything in context

Information Panel

X-NetStat Information Hub

Connection Info

TCP & UDP Connection Properties

Process Info

What program made the connection?

Port Info

Local and Remote port database

Location Info

Geo-IP, distance, and line-speed information


Looking up IPs and Hostnames

Netblock Info

Who owns the network of the remote host?

System Info

System and network properties & information
  Options Changing X-NetStat settings and program behavior
  General   Agents
    Connection Table   Friendly Names  
    Rules   Logging  
    Packet Sniffer    
  Logging Recording connection activity & events
  Friendly Names Recognizing connections with a memorable name
  Rules Responding to network events with custom actions
  Net Stats Viewing network devices and statistics
  Packet Sniffer Monitoring connection bandwidth
  Threat Detection Understanding the Threat Detection System
  Other X-NetStat Tools Other noteworthy tools

A: Netstat Status codes


B: WHOIS Servers


C: IP Addresses and Hostnames


D: Cheat sheat / keyboard shortcuts


See also: readme.txt / whatsnew.txt