X-NetStat Professional Users Manual


Last Revised: June 2005


Copyright 2005 Fresh Software
  What is X-NetStat? What can it do for me?
  Main Window Finding your way around
  Interpreting Connections What does it all mean?
  Getting more information: Context Menu (Right-Click menu)
        The InfoPanel X-NetStat's Information Hub
        Connection Info TCP & UDP Connection properties
        Process Info What program made the connection?
        Port Info Local & Remote Port Information
        WHOIS Info Looking up IP addresses and domain names
        System Info System & Network Properties
        Lookup Tools Searching & researching addresses
  Options: Configuring and Customizing XNS Changing X-NetStat program behavior
  Other ways to access X-NetStat  
        ViewBar Access At-a-glance information while X-NetStat is minimized
        Tray Access Placing X-NetStat in the System tray
        Remote Access The X-NetStat Web Server
  Logging Recording connection activity
  Rules: Responding to Network Events Responding to Network events
  Friendly Names (Recognizing your connections) Recognizing your Connections
  Net Stats: Your Network Statistics Statistics from your Network Adapter & TCP/IP stack
  The X-NetStat Packet Sniffer Monitor Connection Bandwidth
  Other X-NetStat Tools Other built in tools
        Appendix A: Netstat Status codes  
        Appendix B: WHOIS Servers  
        Appendix C: IP Addresses & Hostnames  
        Appendix D: Cheat Sheet & Keyboard Shortcuts  
        Appendix E: Fresh Software's commitment  

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