Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this?
A: It's a web-app for sending group texts.

Q: Something doesn't work.
A: The app is in development and work is ongoing. View the bug list, or report one of your own:

Q: The program doesn't seem to load in the Android stock browser. Help!
A: This has been confirmed on the Galaxy S3 and some other Samsung devices running Android 4.3. As of March Samsung is rolling out a 4.4 update. For now, please download Chrome from the Play Store.

Q: How do I make a shortcut to NorthVine on my Android homescreen?
A: Tap  the menu button, and choose "Add to Homescreen"

Q: How do I make an icon to NorthVine on my iPhone/iPad?
A: Tap , then tap Add to Home Screen.

Q: How long does it take my messages to be delivered?
A: In our tests, most are delivered within 10 to 15 seconds.

Q: Where will my messages come from?
A: Your cell email address, your group email address , your personal mailbox, or your email address you used to register your account.

Q: How do I get it so texts appear to come from my mobile number?
A: This feature is not working yet. We hope to have it working by September 2014.

Q: When I invite people to my list, and I send from a address, and the recipient is also a address, the warning "This message may not have been sent by...." comes up
A: This is a known bug, we are working on a solution. View the bug list at

Q: I can't scroll on my Android/iPhone/Windows phone the way I'd like. (3/19/14)
A: Scrolling issues are a known bug, especially when phone is held in horizontal orientation. We are working on a solution...

Q: How do I create and add recipients?
A: After creating a group, select it and click "Add" under Contacts, or import from CSV file. Contacts are added in an "Added" state, but do not get messaged.

To invite them to join the group, you can send them a link or QR code (Available under Group -> Edit -> Subscribe URL), or use the Invite function.

The Invite function sends an email with the join URL to added recipients, if you provided an email address for them. You aren't allowed to send any text messages until you receive consent from the recipient (after they join the group).

To use:

Click Invite then check the boxes of recipients you want to invite, or click Select All.

Choose which email address to send from.

Enter a subject, and a message body. The message supports tags, including %JOINURL%

Verify that you are authorized to send this email, and click Send Invites.

After mailing, a notification will be sent to you with a short report.

Q: How do I import from CSV?
A: Follow these steps:

  1. Click Import CSV
  2. Click the Add button
  3. If you're on Android or iOS, you might need to click Choose File button.
  4. Browse to and select the CSV file
  5. Click OK

Q: I can't import CSV from Microsoft Office for Mac.
A: Make sure under file type, you export as "Windows CSV" file and not "CSV" or "MS-DOS CSV"

For Subscribers:

Q: I don't want to receive messages anymore. How do I stop them?
A: We want to make it as easy as possible to stop messages when you don't want them anymore. There are several ways to do it. Try in this order:

Q: Who do my replies go to?
A: If it is a keyword like STOP or HELP, it is handled by our system.
By default, it goes to the list manager's cell phone or email.
If the group is set in "group chat" mode, it will go to the entire list. You will be told if this is the case.

When joining a group, it will list the type of group and any privacy settings.