Recommended Links

Useful resources, friends of Fresh Software,  and other cool and interesting websites -- all of these links get a tip of the hat.

Affiliates/Partner/ Software brethren, and el33t hackers too

BitSplash Software - My friend Andy's biz, who has been a terrific help to Fresh Software. Check out his IM Grabber program.

DirecPC Uncensored! - Got Satellite Internet?  You need to know the stuff on this site!

BrainHouse Labs - Fellow coder Chris Norris is writing chat software to pick up where left off.

BetaNews  - Nate Mook has the best scoop on beta software on the whole web.  BetaNews helped give Fresh Software help and publicity in the early days, and in the past I wrote several feature articles for the site.

Top Recommended Sites - Fresh Software strongly supports Mozilla and its FireFox project. Throw IE in the trash and get a standards-compliant super-browser! 

Help Net Security - Trojan horse problem? Go here.

MaDdoG Software - MaDdoG wrote PaneKiller, a sweet little application.

Xatrix Security  - Computer security news, updated daily. - Internet resource for Network Administrators.


Shareware Sites - One of my favorite shareware sites, the guy who runs it is top notch.

Software - - Award Winning Software.

Free Software Downloads - Shareware programs to download for free or buy online. - Australia's largest download site - Freeware, shareware and quality commercial software downloads - Another shareware site
Freeware Sites - A collection of freeware programs - Probably the original freeware site
Absolutely Freebies - Guide and resources to the best free stuff online for webmasters and other net surfers. 
Free Stuff -

Webmaster Resources - Run a website? This place is a big depot for webmasters. -  the Internet Resource for Network Administrators


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